i think i would be a great src because i am very organized so i won’t lose anything that’s been given and i will always be on time. I also show a lot of respect so if anyone had ideas i would write them down. I will help people who are confused so i can … [Read more…]


v   name:    cleo babs                                                  . Goals for semester 1   What I want to learn: I want to get better at my hand writing and make it more straight so it can look better. I also want to get better at my times tables because I don’t go as high in the numbers like … [Read more…]


SAFER INTERNET DAY today is safer internet so i made a pledge that might cyberbully my pledge is I pledge to never exclude  target or tease people online or anywhere I will also help who have been bullied in the pass a I will think about how my actions and how they make others feel.v

my letter

what i did on my  holidays i went to the movies to go see pitch perfect 3 but i think pitch perfect 2 is the best. I also went shopping and got new cloths it was exciting. My hobbys i like to fly kites once i got it up so high there was no more … [Read more…]

six room poem

ronado doing la tornado he was mesmerizing playing soccer intresting crowds cheer boom of the ball were was the goalie beautiful mesmerizing mesmerizing mesmerizing by gianni vittorino tm   sand, water, sunset pink, orange, blue i saw a beach birds chirping, wind blowing beautiful, exiting shining shining shining if you want to see more poems … [Read more…]


FACTS- PINK UNDERSTANDINGS- BLUE QUESTIONS- PURPLE in Italian physicist Alessandro volta the first electrochemical battery. The UK became the first in the world to become lit with electrical light. Nickola tesla and Thomas Edison discover light bulbs. i understand that people did dangerous things to get electricity. i also understand that it is easy to … [Read more…]

history of video games BTN

FACTS- PINK UNDERSTANDING-PURPLE QUESTION- BLUE SUMMARY-GREEN There have been many video games in the 80s. In the 1980s they had the first hand held device. In 1952 they had the simplest video games i now understand why people don’t go to the arcarde. I also understand that they made better games in the 2000s why … [Read more…]