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the day i found out i was crazy

the day i found out i was crazy

okay so this how i found out i was crazy. So i was walking down the street so i could get a cup of coffee. I was waiting in line to ordered but instead of coffee they gave me rocks.

But she said i ordered them i said ”WHAT”. anyways that was only the first thing. I also was walking down the street to go home but i felt like people were following.

Me i even saw the shadow and everything. But when i turned around i saw nothing.  i screamed ”OMG” i felt like someone was playing tricks on me.

But this was the most embarrassing thing ever someone asked me if i was okay i was not but i just said ”yep”. But if u think i am crazy now that is just the start i was going on my daily walk with my dog right. But instead of walking my dog i walk a cat.

”this is crazy” where did i get this cat? i was so angry now. didn’t know what was happening to me.

The convict

The convict

The Convict

One cold, snowy winter’s night there was a boy a poor, small, dull boy, he was only 12.  My name is Matthew Peters.


My mama died and my da got convict for stealing a silk handkerchief it was a petty crime but he still got sent on the hulk he also got scurvy it was too bad he died!


So I was all alone in Britain, just wondering on the streets. I asked the sales man “how much is two loafs of bread”    “two shillings” the man replied. So i had no food or no money so i had to be sneaky.



So then I put one loaf of bread in coat and then another then I walk quite fast. “Hey you stole some of my bread” “what’s your name?”

“Matthew Peters.”

“Matthew Peters stole my bread.”


The sales man yelled “Matthew peter stole my bread” the police heard.


The next morning they whipped him and poured vinegar and lemon on the cuts

Then put me on the first fleet to Australia it took 8 month.


When I took my first look the animals where hibernating. There were trees to make huts.

But it wasn’t as easy as I thought. The animals kept on running away. I didn’t have food for 15 day but when I finally found food we ate it.


One day in Australia I found a field with dirt                  so I could plant crops.

About Me

About Me

I like doing cheer leading,watching Netflix and gymnastics. My teacher is Lee, Here’s his blog-. My name is Cleo and I am in year 4.My favorite food is pizza. I have a cute dog. I walk him a lot. I cant wait to do more leadership next year as well as this year. On my computer I want to do more writing.

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