it arrived 100wc

Let me tell you one of my favorite nightmares. S0 one day along time ago I ordered a hairbrush. I know your thinking this sound a bit  boring but anyways…

 i went away on a hoilday i said where is it and when did it arrive …’when did it arrive?’ I  said rushed and opened it as soon as i could i used it all day everyday but one day all my hair fell out i was shocked  I made a bad review and everything but they were not going to give me my hair back i was cross well thats the end of my dream the end

the day i did not know anything 100wc

i am going to tell u a story that is crazy so listen carefully

i was the smartest kid in class but i wonder how it felt to not know anything next morning i woke up

i felt odd so i SHOUTED  it was crazy when i was in class my teacher  was saying these words like CRIMSON MISTY   FRANTICALLY  and GRAVE 

whats that mean i said she sent me out of the class room then talked to me she said i know u know what they mean i did not say anything.

100wc she had powers!

hi my name is Jill and this is Madison she is my best friend. So I was walking home from school. I had a secret that i could not tell Madison. If I did it could make her not want to play with me. But when i was walking home a cat got stuck in a tree. So i flew up in to the tree. But just then there she was standing right there. I was shocked i didn’t know what to do i could not say i climbed up there because i am very bad at climbing she said … but how did she get up there?.. 


i could not wait it was my favorite day of the year. It was the festival. My favorite ride was the teacups but i also had a bad experience in them. One year the teacups went flying in the air i hope that does not happen this year. But so you understand more i’ll do a recap. First i was on the teacups then next thing i know i am flying in the air. Yay i am here at the festival can’t  wait to go on the teacup. ”What” the teacups are broken what am i going to do now.

what if i was in charge 100wc

i snowy day with nothing to do i was wondering a round on the streets. Hoping i could find something fun to do. Then i wondered but what if i was in charge? I would give candy to the children for free. Get the homeless houses and best of all you could buy what ever you get whatever u wanted for free. but if i was in charge i would have to have responsibility’s. Like caring for all the people and respect them as well. “It would be  very fun to be in charge” 

100 WC twig men

so i was just going for a bush walk in the night looking at at all of the nature but there was something that caught my eye i felt like a twig was moving it was crazy but i swear with my own two eyes they were there and they were moving they were talking to me like a human one of the twigs said ” there coming”  so they all started running humans were shooting at them and they were to i thought it was a dream and if it was it was the worst dream ever

100 challenge

this all happened when i was walking to school. It was a normal day like every other day. In till i went for bike ride. We were moving very fast crash boom i did’t know were i was until i saw nurse and my own broken arm my mum was was hurt as well i don’t even think she came she was talking to me and saying that we never went on a bike ride and she was with me but when i woke up it was all a dream that was the worst dream ever.

100 WC

this is one story i will never forget. It was the day i found the stone family. So i  was walking pretty simple but all of a sudden i found stone people. I looked at them but i felt like they looked back but they didn’t. I must of been going crazy.But when i walked away they followed. a girl on the street ask ” what are u doing ” ” nothing” i replied she must of thought i was going crazy to wow i thought to myself but i guess i will never know for sure what happen to the stone family the end


So i was walking to school like i normally do but then there was a big group of girls and  they  knocked me over and i fell in a puddle. It was not like any other puddle it was super deep and at the end of the puddle there was fresh cakes, chocolates and candy. The only problem was i could not get back up again. I was calling help but no one could hear me but i suddenly saw a secret passage way there were stairs leading up to my house after all i’ll try not to be clumsy,