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Month: October 2018

mars mission btn

mars mission btn


1 when they were putting the mars rover on mars the called it 7 mins of terror

2 the rover is the size of a car

3 they spent 2 billion dollars on the rover



1 i understand that people on the earth want to find out whats going on in mars

2 i understand that they want to find aliens



1 why was it so much money?

embarrassing stories 100wc

embarrassing stories 100wc

Today I have another embarressing story like the other 100. But today was the worst so far. This could ruin my reputation for ever i will teased no matter what. But

I will go on and tell the story ok i was in class and were learning scenices everybody was talking pretty loud. So i thought i could let out my fart but just at the moment the class went slient. Everybody laughed non stop …it reminded me of a time when…  everybody laughed at my new glasses but thats a whole different story

the end

astronomy btn

astronomy btn

3 facts

1 Mayans Babylonians ancient Greek contributed something or discovered an important part of astronomy

2 Babylonians made mathematical models which created calender’s and that made important things

3 we use base 10 they use base 20


1 how can you make horoscopes

2 how could Math create a calendar



1 i understand that Babylonians ancients greek mayanians all cared about astronomy

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