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Month: June 2018

100wc zombie fight

100wc zombie fight

This is the time i killed a zombie. And let me tell you why. So i was walking in the street like i also do getting a can of soup for dinner. then the sky went dark and everyone turned into zombies i was so freaked out. A flower shop was near by so i got a shovel and smack them all down. i felt really bad…however, i couldn’t believe what i had done… i was shocked but i had to do it

the end







when you feel fear your brain doesn’t work

kids do better in that situation because they think about more

going on to the roof of the house in a bush fire is dangerous 


i understand that they are trying to prevent flood waters and bush fire from getting in to there house

i also understand that natural disaster are bad and good


why did they not put the fire out?

fairy land 100wc

fairy land 100wc

once a pon  a time in a far far  away land there was fairy land. They had a Huge Bridge with  Pink  Sprinkled cupcakes

and Daffodil’s all over the place. I never wanted to leave it was my happy place. I saw fairy’s and trees and butterfly’s. I made friends and best friends it was the best day in my whole life nothing could top this ever.

Once i was home i thought of how much fun i had. the end


cape town water crisis BTN

cape town water crisis BTN





Washing your hands is 3 litres of water

 and dishes and laundry is 18 litres a day.

People in cape town have been allowed just 50 litres a day, since February 1st.


i understand that some people are struggling and its hard to just live 50 litres a day 


what happens if the town has no water would everyone die?

100 word challenge Autumn wind

100 word challenge Autumn wind


autumn wind, autumn wind, autumn wind.

I can feel it on my chin leaves swinging through sky dandelions fly inside outside.

So come to the autumn wind they have amazing thing like

trees, leaves and flowers too everything that’s awesome from the autumn wind.

I can see trees leaves I can feel the breeze that i see with flowers and trees. I see bees hoping there not going to sting.

audacity file

is africa spitting in two

is africa spitting in two





the start of Africa splitting in two.

in about 50 million years, the African continent will split into two with the Somali tectonic plate

 rips in the earth in the Rift Valley are growing longer and deeper by the day.


I i understand that there might be to parts of Africa.

I also understand that Africa spitting into to parts can affect familys


Why are countrys bigger than others

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