100wc fake humans

100wc fake humans

once a pon a time a long time ago before dinosaurs. There was a fake human it was horrible. They  used to  kill plants eat all the food drink all the water. Luckily there gone now at least i thought they were gone. But i was wrong they came back and i am going to try get rid of them again. So my plan was to get every one in town and try to kill them. Luckily there are only to of them alive. Everyone had knifes and fire it was pretty scary but when they killed them the town was normal.

 goals: to make interesting writing

One thought on “100wc fake humans

  1. Cleo, I think you have achieved your goal wonderfully here. The ideas you came up with work well and you fit it into the 100 words perfectly.
    I am particularly impressed with the way you have improved putting full stops and capitals in where they are needed in your sentences.
    Well done

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