100 wc

100 wc

it was finally the day

i was prepared for one whole month

i practiced every night

it was cross country

and today is the day i could win and go to districts yes the teacher said as soon as i blow the whistle you can run

the whistle blew first i started slow and ran super fast towards the end but people tried to cut in front of ,me …Although they ran quickly, they were still not making enough progress…

yes i came first this is the best day in my whole life i cant wait to go to districts

goal to get one hundred words

One thought on “100 wc

  1. Cleo,
    this is a nice piece that fits well with the prompt. You start off with a series of short sentences that build excitement for the race. The piece you have written fits the 100 words perfectly as well so well done on achieving that goal.
    A much more important goal that I’d love to see you working hard to achieve is to remember your punctuation. I can tell that you know where the sentences end, so it’s important that you show this with full stops (and maybe even a few exclamation points or question marks). You should also try other punctuation, like commas when there is a break between ideas in a sentence, and remembering to put talking marks around people’s speech.
    I can’t wait to see your next piece with punctuation included!
    Keep up the awesome work,

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