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Month: April 2018

aboriginal flag history btn

aboriginal flag history btn






  the aboriginal flag is a symbol of unity and identity

  the yellow in the flag represents the sun 

the black represents the Aboriginal people in the flag


i understand that the aboriginal people did not have a flag when they came to australia

i also understand that aboriginals came to australia before the Europeans 

why did they think of changing there flag

100wc fake humans

100wc fake humans

once a pon a time a long time ago before dinosaurs. There was a fake human it was horrible. They  used to  kill plants eat all the food drink all the water. Luckily there gone now at least i thought they were gone. But i was wrong they came back and i am going to try get rid of them again. So my plan was to get every one in town and try to kill them. Luckily there are only to of them alive. Everyone had knifes and fire it was pretty scary but when they killed them the town was normal.

 goals: to make interesting writing

100 wc

100 wc

it was finally the day

i was prepared for one whole month

i practiced every night

it was cross country

and today is the day i could win and go to districts yes the teacher said as soon as i blow the whistle you can run

the whistle blew first i started slow and ran super fast towards the end but people tried to cut in front of ,me …Although they ran quickly, they were still not making enough progress…

yes i came first this is the best day in my whole life i cant wait to go to districts

goal to get one hundred words

btn viking myths

btn viking myths




 Vikings weren’t actually called Vikings. They were Nordic people 

they  lived here in Scandinavia between 700 AD and 1100 AD, 

the vikings hats in those days didnt look like that


i understand that viking had a lot of myths about them

i also understand that viking were not called viking and that they were back in the ads 

are vikings related to pirates?

goals checkin

goals checkin



name:    cleo babs                                                  .

Goals for semester 1


What I want to learn:

I want to get better at my hand writing and make it more straight so it can look better.

I also want to get better at my times tables because I don’t go as high in the numbers like 9,8 and 7.


List examples of things I could do that would show I am trying to meet my goal:

To make my hand writing better I could practice and take my time.

To make my times tables better I could practice Wednesdays and Thursdays and also join the times table club.


How I learn and behave:

I want to use collaboration.

I also want be more organized.


List examples of things I could do that would show I am trying to meet my goal:


I could use collaboration and join teams and help other.

To be more organized I could put my books in to catorgie



have i achieved it ? I have achieved a little bit in my times tables. I have been working every night i have been working on my 4 times table and my 6 so far. I have done a bit of examples like 

4 x 4 = 16  4 x 9 = 36  6 x 2 = 12 6 x 3 = 18 so i would say i had i achieved a little but i still have work to do. 

What do i do this term to achieve my goals? To achieve my hand writing i could work a bit more it like after school or before bed. And when i do my hand writing  i could think of strategy’s that could help me a lot with it as well.

What have i done to achieve it ? It being more organized i have taken some time out of my day a planed ,my activity’s and what i need to do this week. I also have more time to do stuff cause of it.

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