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Month: October 2017

history of video games BTN

history of video games BTN





There have been many video games in the 80s. In the 1980s they had the first hand held device. In 1952 they had the simplest video games

i now understand why people don’t go to the arcarde. I also understand that they made better games in the 2000s

why did people make video games?

this btn was about the history of video games.



So i was walking to school like i normally do but then there was a big group of girls and  they  knocked me over and i fell in a puddle. It was not like any other puddle it was super deep and at the end of the puddle there was fresh cakes, chocolates and candy. The only problem was i could not get back up again. I was calling help but no one could hear me but i suddenly saw a secret passage way there were stairs leading up to my house after all i’ll try not to be clumsy,

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