i think i would be a great src because i am very organized so i won’t lose anything that’s been given and i will always be on time. I also show a lot of respect so if anyone had ideas i would write them down. I will help people who are confused so i can … [Read more…]

100 WC twig men

so i was just going for a bush walk in the night looking at at all of the nature but there was something that caught my eye i felt like a twig was moving it was crazy but i swear with my own two eyes they were there and they were moving they were talking … [Read more…]

100 challenge

this all happened when i was walking to school. It was a normal day like every other day. In till i went for bike ride. We were moving very fast crash boom i did’t know were i was until i saw nurse and my own broken arm my mum was was hurt as well i don’t … [Read more…]

100 WC

this is one story i will never forget. It was the day i found the stone family. So i  was walking pretty simple but all of a sudden i found stone people. I looked at them but i felt like they looked back but they didn’t. I must of been going crazy.But when i walked … [Read more…]


v   name:    cleo babs                                                  . Goals for semester 1   What I want to learn: I want to get better at my hand writing and make it more straight so it can look better. I also want to get better at my times tables because I don’t go as high in the numbers like … [Read more…]


SAFER INTERNET DAY today is safer internet so i made a pledge that might cyberbully my pledge is I pledge to never exclude  target or tease people online or anywhere I will also help who have been bullied in the pass a I will think about how my actions and how they make others feel.v

my letter

what i did on my  holidays i went to the movies to go see pitch perfect 3 but i think pitch perfect 2 is the best. I also went shopping and got new cloths it was exciting. My hobbys i like to fly kites once i got it up so high there was no more … [Read more…]